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Meet Tyson Fearrington

Jul 10, 2023 ● By Cathryn Hartwell

I met Tyson Fearrington several years ago at a local business networking gathering.  I was impressed by his professionalism and scheduled a meeting to hear more about his business. We soon became good friends, and our mutual respect as colleagues grew. It wasn’t long before my husband and I saw the tremendous benefits of legal insurance and joined Legal Shield through Tyson. The service has more than paid for itself and has already proven to be invaluable, as has our friendship with Tyson. I wanted to help spread the word about the usefulness of the service, as well as feature Tyson – a generous, hardworking member of our community.   


Tyson's Journey

I grew up in Alamance County, in Mebane, with my parents and younger brother and we were a pretty typical 1950s family. We went to church every Sunday and our neighborhood was filled with other kids who became lifelong friends. We rode our bicycles in downtown Mebane and on Saturdays we looked forward to going to the movies, where we’d always sit in the balcony. My brother and I were very close and my parents were hardworking, never missing a day of work. This upbringing influenced and shaped me. I was taught responsibility (and that nothing is free!) and to care about others. My parents aslo instilled in me that I could be anything I wanted to be and accomplish anything I set my mind to. After graduating high school, I went on to NC A & T State University. I loved Greensboro and I loved A & T.  During my junior year I got married and we soon had a son, Marcus. The next major event in my life would be a devastating one. In 1973, while in the Air Force and stationed in California, my brother died. What ensued was a self-destructive path that lasted sixteen years. In 1989, it really hit me that this wasn’t who I was at my core. the foundation my parents had built was still there – I just had to dig a little to get back there. My marriage had fallen apart and I was a mess. I finally made the decision to rededicate myself to family and our future – and I never looked back.

I got back on track, joining local organizations and reintegrating myself into the community. I became a Toastmaster, where I learned professional speaking and presentation; I joined the Jaycees where I learned leadership, communication, management and organizational skills; I read personal development books, the greatest one to me being the Bible; I listened to audio coaching by such greats as Zig Ziglar and Jim Rhon. I wanted to learn, to grow, and improve so I could help others along the way.

I am now married to a beautiful, intelligent, gifted and spiritually grounded lady and we have a beautiful daughter, London Grace. 

In my desire to give teenage boys some direction, I spent some time mentoring, even having the opportunity to be a speaker at a Michael Jordan basketball camp. At one time, I even opened a mental health facility for men.

Though all of this giving back was fulfilling in its own way, I still felt I hadn’t quite landed on “my calling.” That is until I began working with Legal Shield/ID Shield.

This was a service that could level the playing field for individuals, families and small business owners who aren’t able to afford the cost of having a qualified law firm or attorney on retainer. I could help a lot more people in a broader way. Legal Shield has been around for over 50 years with close to five million members, and works with a team of dedicated law firms in all 50 states and Canada. All attorneys have an average of 21 years of experience and LS offers expertise in every legal field. 


How Legal Shield Works

When members call one of the law firms on our list, they are connected to an attorney who specializes in the related area of law. Members can download an app that gives them instant access to an attorney, no matter where they are. There is even an “Emergency Button” on the app for situations that happen outside of normal business hours.

Legal Shield is a subscription-based service so members pay month-to-month, a good portion of which goes toward paying attorneys. The service provides options for individuals, families and business owners and it’s affordable, simple and easy to get legal matter resolved. If there’s a legal matter that does not fall under coverage by the member’s subscription, members receive a 25% discount on those services.

Legal Shield also offers identity theft services. With the acceleration of Chat GPT and AI, everyone should be concerned about identity theft (the leading white-collar crime for sixteen consecutive years, increasing each year). I encourage every small business owner to do their research and enroll in a reputable identity theft service.

As much as I love working with Legal Shield, the business itself is not my passion, but it has lead me back to my real passion…helping people. The vanity plate on my car reads: HLPNPPL, and that’s also my signature in text messages.

Today I serve as Board Chair for Caramore Community, a nonprofit located in Carrboro and we serve individuals across the state who are challenged with severe and persistent mental illnesses. I am also an Ambassador for the Alamance Chamber of Commerce and was named Ambassador of The Year for 2022. I'm a member of Mebane Business Association and the Burlington Rotary, as well as a former Chair of the Deacon Board of my church. I sing with our outstanding male chorus, as well as participate in our Food Bank Ministry where we serve approximately 100-125 families every third Saturday. I continue to own and operate my mental health facility and love my guys there.

I tell you all of this, about the way my life turned out today to hopefully show you that anyone can turn their life around. If I can do it, you can do it!

I’d like to conclude by saying that if I could go back and speak to my 25-five-year- old self…I would tell him to be patient and always be in search of your purpose or, at the very least, allow your purpose to find you. Though I’ve made many terrible decisions that caused my life’s trajectory to change in a negative way, there is very little I would change when I look at the big picture, because all of these trials taught me something.

If I can ever help with your legal/ID protection needs, or just lend an ear, please feel free to reach out to me.


I’m here to help.  


Tyson Fearrington

Legal Shield Small Business Specialist — Families & Individuals


[email protected]

(336) 684-4493


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