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Creating a Distinctive Organizational Message

Nov 11, 2023 ● By Domanie Spencer
Can you use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to craft your organization’s message?
Of course you can! With a few well-thought-out prompts, the generative AI platform ChatGPT can present to you well-rounded mission and vision statements, blogs, press releases, and social media posts with lightning speed. Increasingly my organization is being called upon to edit these messages and websites to “humanize” them, “create interest,” or “add personality” which of course we are happy to do.

What we don’t know and may never know, however, is if the words used by generative technology, the phrases coined, and the information reported belong to another organization. 

As generative AI scrapes and crawls the internet for all information available in the public domain via the internet, “what belongs to whom” is a gray area. As the powers-that-be work to solidify guidelines around the use and misuse of generative AI, consider this:

Establishing and maintaining the voice and foundation of your organization is the single most important step in a world where “business speak” is beginning to sound the same across the internet and social media. Especially in the realm of small business and entrepreneurial enterprise, your individuality sets you apart.
1. Brainstorm keywords and phrases you want your company to be recognized for.
2. What are the top 3-5 reasons you want your customers to return to you?
3. What legacy do you maintain, attract, and stand for?
You can ask ChatGPT to use what you came up with and give you pages of options. Or you can write them down, read them to yourself and your team, and create the humanness of the message together. Organizational messaging that is creatively distinctive is what sets one successfully apart from the multitude. 

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